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Host: Jen, Oakland, CA


Jen lives in Oakland with her 9 year old son, Will. She's worked in non-profit education and arts organizations for most of her career, and earned a PhD in urban education in 2008 after many years teaching and writing. She started her own coaching + consulting business last year and now enjoys helping non-profit leadership staff on their fundraising. In her own time, Jen loves to be with her family and friends; enjoys a regular yoga practice; believes good things come from planting seeds in the ground and watching them grow; does her best at meditating regularly; reads poetry, listens to podcasts, and makes handmade books for fun. Now that she has a home in a community she cherishes, Jen hopes to create a warm, welcoming space for people to come together and share food, conversation, laughter, love: a home that honors real dialogue and what comes when we care enough about each other and ourselves to say what we mean with kindness.

ABOUT THE EVENING: This is a Track II: Bridging Supper. The theme will focus on bridging + healing. Supper has the potential to be many things – a resistance to the constant pull of work, organizing, protesting or stress of living a marginalized life – by providing time to sit down, actually chew food, look into the face of others and share a time of rest and refueling. It can be an opportunity to build resilience by tanking up on nourishing conversation, healthy and delicious food and making or solidifying relationships. So bring your full self. All of you is welcome here.

WANT IN? Fill out our Join a Supper form, and write “Jen" when it asks whom you'd like to be matched with. 

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