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Hosts: Tania + Jonathan, Chicago, IL

ABOUT THE EVENING: This is a Track II: Bridging Supper.

ABOUT THE HOSTS: Tania has lived in Chicago for the past 11 years. She came to Chicago from NewYork to attend law school. She graduated, stayed and worked in public interest law for 7 years. In her free time, she volunteered and worked on projects and organization development with various non-profits. She is now a consultant for organizations in leadership and management training. She enjoys helping others fulfill their goals and find satisfaction in their work. When she's not consulting, she's teaching at DePaul University or The John Marshall Law School. She enjoys cooking, making art, putting together puzzles and amateur guitar playing. Tania hopes to create a warm, welcoming space for people to come together and share food, conversation, laughter, and love.

Jonathan has always been drawn towards bringing people together, making powerful introductions, and building strong communities. His interest in people and technology, and how they're intertwined started at a young age. He got his start stuffing envelopes and checking in volunteers during a local campaign in 2000. Ever since, being an active citizen and engaging his peers in important civic and social justice work has been hallmark of his career. Jonathan is constantly exploring the latest trends to better leverage technology through social platforms and networks for increased brand awareness. One thing that has been a consistent in his efforts to create change is: food. As a community + food professional, he sees the power of utilizing rescued food to create healthy meals for underserved communities and how slowing down to spend time with friends can be a transformative experience. In his free time you can usually find Jonathan exploring Chicago neighborhoods and testing out new recipes in his kitchen.

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