What Comes with Hosting?

  1. We’ll give you a hosting guide and access to our host resources, full of tried and true methods for facilitating meaningful conversation. These resources include email templates, readings and poems, tips on organizing a potluck, a ritual zine full of ice breakers, ways to set the tone for supper, and much more!

  2. You're invited to an online host training call during which we'll walk through supper planning, guest-list brainstorming, learn how to facilitate challenging and meaningful conversations, and ask any questions you have about organizing a potluck supper.

  3. We’ll connect you to  an awesome community of fellow People's Supper hosts!



Track I: Healing & Connecting Suppers 

Looking for ways to gather your friends and acquaintances in a different and thoughtful way? We're here to help you host a supper that invites belonging, fortifies community, and cultivates connection.



Track II: Bridging Suppers

Ready to connect across lines of difference?
Bring together a group of thoughtful people from your network for a conversation that dives into the heart of our different stories and shared experiences. This format works well for brave and welcoming community groups and organizations looking to foster understanding and deepen connections with one another, across lines of divide.


Become a Partner

Have conversation resources you'd like to share?
Have a network of folks who might be keen to get involved? Interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities?