What Comes with Hosting?

  1. We’ll give you a facilitation guide, which is full of tried and true methods for facilitating meaningful conversation. It also has email templates, readings & poems, tips on organizing a potluck, a ritual zine full of ice breakers and ways to set the tone for dinner, and much more!

  2. Each host will get a 30 minute video-chat call with an expert facilitator, to coach you on facilitating challenging & meaningful conversations, answer any questions, and offer tips. Calls take place every Tuesday at 2pm EST/ 5pm PST.

  3. You can join the host Facebook group, to talk about what’s working, share experiences, and get support from folks who have hosted before.

  4. We’ll connect you to some awesome dinner guests!



Track I: Healing Suppers 

Not quite ready to build bridges? No rush.
Host or join a supper that invites belonging, fortifies community, and cultivates healing.



Track II: Bridging Suppers

Ready to connect across lines of difference?
Host or join a supper with a group of thoughtful people across the political spectrum who desire real understanding and are willing to grant welcome in exchange for receiving it.


Become a Partner

Ready to connect across lines of difference?