Midterm Five Guidebook & Toolkit



In the five weeks leading up to the midterm elections, we’re hosting five large-scale suppers in different cities and towns across the country.

Our goal is simple: In a moment of acute political division, we want to prove that a group of thoughtful people who differ from one another — politically, culturally, racially, generationally, religiously, and economically — can sit down over a shared meal and engage in a meaningful conversation together.

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The People’s Supper brings people together over shared meals for a chance to go beneath the headlines and to reflect on the real stories that have shaped who we are, in order to build stronger, more cohesive communities through better conversations.

Now, you have the chance to do this at your own dinner tables with your family and friends. In this guidebook and toolkit, you’ll find all the necessary information and details to bring The People’s Supper to your conversations.



If you would like more hands-on support on how to host a supper, we will be offering virtual trainings where you will have the chance to meet with a skilled and experienced host who will provide all the guidance you need.

To check out the dates, get in touch with us or to sign up, visit the link.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!