People's Supper Guidebooks


Healing and Bridging Suppers

This is our guidebook for hosting Healing Suppers. To learn more about Healing Suppers click here.

Healing Supper Guidebook                 

Bridging Supper Guidebook               

This is our guidebook for hosting Bridging Suppers. To learn more about Bridging Suppers click here.

The Opposite of Hate: Discussion Cards 

You’ve heard of Cards Against Humanity: Consider these “Cards FOR Humanity”. Inspired by The People’s Supper and the book THE OPPOSITE OF HATE, these cards can help spark a conversation with family, friends, students, or co-workers about hate and the ways you can be a beacon for connection instead.


Pro-Voice Abortion Conversations at the Table: A Story Sharing & Listening Guidebook

This guide gives you tools and language to engage in meaningful, empathetic, and respectful conversations about abortion.  Use this guide if you want to create bridges to understanding and empathy with those in your community and beyond, no matter what your politics, experiences, personal feelings or thoughts on abortion may be. 

#MeToo: Resources for Survivors of Sexual Violence

Created in response to the rise in public conversation around sexual harassment and assault, spurred by the viral social media hashtag “#MeToo”. This guidebook provides tips and resources to support survivors who may want to gather together when at triggering moments.


Resources for Faith Based Suppers


Created in partnership with the NYC Muslim-Jewish Solidarity Committee, the goal of this guidebook is to deepen the bonds between Jewish and Muslim communities in the wake of increased discrimination and violence against people of Jewish and Muslim faiths. 

As a special add-on to the Guidebooks, this resource is intended for members and leaders of faith communities who would like to make the most of a People’s Supper.


Charlottesville Resources 


Created in reaction to the events in Charlottesville, VA., this guidebook provides tools and tips to support folks' need to gather and provide collective care in a time of crisis caused by violence.  

Compiled resources for communities to use when coming together in the wake of the violent and hateful events such as the events in Charlottesville, VA. It includes helplines, articles, organizations, and even Spotify playlists. 


General People's Supper Resources 


This invitation helps set the tone of each supper. It is read in the beginning of a People's Supper.

This communal agreement is also read at the beginning our our suppers.

This Pledge is a commitment to take the ideals of a People's Supper beyond the supper and into your life. To sign the Pledge click here

A simple flyer that's easy to leave at your favorite coffee shop or hand out across your community.

A People's Supper can be a very spiritual experience – whether through a religion or communal shared bond. This zine includes rituals that tap into and celebrate that spirit.


Additional Resources 


Not an organization, but rather a set of tools for learning to listen & communicate more effectively.

A statewide initiative in California to activate public conversation about the meaning of democracy. The series concluded leading up to the 2012 election, but there are an array of materials online.

Services they provide:

Committed to help people find their true purpose through deep, open conversation and then, through many programs, give people the courage and clarity to follow that purpose.

Services they provide:

  • The core of their programs is The Circle of Trust® approach which they use to facilitate the open conversations needed to find someone’s purpose.

  • The Center has created over 140 videos based on their resources and programs across all their work to watch online.

Promote and teach the art of powerful citizenship.

Services they provide:

  • Civic Saturday are monthly meetings to build community, learn skills, and feel inspired. It’s like a religious service for citizenship. You can also watch the past sermons online!

  • Educational videos made with TED-education on civic power, how to turn protest into powerful change, and a course from ITunesU on citizen power.

  • Annual conference bringing dozen of powerful change-makers to speak, and hundreds of attendees to learn about power, deepen their networks, and recharge their sense of purpose.

Research-based organization that teaches how to hold constructive, thoughtful and respectful conversations.

Services they provide:


Essential Partners (Formerly Public Conversations Project)

Helps people of different backgrounds and views talk and work together to solve problems and create communities that work for everyone.

Services they offer:


A collaborative documentary media project, photographing and interviewing people along the more than 10,000 streets called Main in the United States.

Services they provide:

  • View the documentation of Main Street America, and learn about everyday people across the country. 

  • If you live near a Main Street, participate with the hashtage #mappingmainstreet

A network of dialogue and deliberation innovators.

Services they provide:

  • An extensive resource library built and updated with research, guides, and videos from the organizers within their network.

  • NCDD Beginners Resource Guide provides a starting point for any type of public engagement and dialogue building.

A conversation-based organization seeking to renew common life and civil dialogue.

Services they provide: 

Facilitates community dialogue, training, performances, and consultation to heal the wounds of difference.

Services they provide:

Preserving and sharing humanity’s stories in order to build a connections between people and create a more just and compassionate world.

Services they provide:

  • Listen to stories from people around the world.

  • Record and share your own!  

An institute that helps people to transform conflictual relationships and design change processes. They define dialogue as “listening deeply enough to be changed by what you learn.”

 Services they provide:

  • They use a 5 Point Sustained Dialogue Process to transform relationships mostly on university campuses but also internationally and in workplaces.

  • Their list of resources include of public peace building, politics and peace, and international peacebuilding research.

A grassroots action network inciting creativity and social imagination to shape a culture of empathy, equity, and belonging.

Services they provide:

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